Shipment Delivery And Customer Care Recklessness


I have received below message on 16-OCT-2017.

“Blue Dart tried to deliver a shipment no 34786316084 to you. Please contact us between 9AM and 9PM(Mon-Sat) within 48 hours on – 18602331234”

Hence, I called to 18602331234 exactly at “17-OCT-2017 9:58 AM”. The other person didn’t tell his name, but whatever the questions he asked were completely irrelevant and irritating. I hope you can get details of that person based on the time I mentioned above.

The complete conversation was recorded in my mobile, and I am ready to listen to anyone of the concerned people whenever they want. After listening to the record, everyone can clearly understand that, that guy is completely UNFIT for customer service.

I am happy to give my office address if anyone can deliver to my office address.

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  1. The current status of your shipment is described below.You will receive your parcel soon.

    Waybill No: 34786316084
    Tolichowki Shipment Out For Delivery 17-Oct-2017 09:47
    Tolichowki Consignee’S Address Unlocatable/Landmark Needed 16-Oct-2017 19:55
    Tolichowki Shipment Out For Delivery 16-Oct-2017 18:15
    Tolichowki Delay Caused Beyond Control 14-Oct-2017 18:45

    Note: Please ignore fraud call if it is irrelevant.Thank you

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