Discourteous Behavior Of Courier Staff


Courier person insisted for official ID. He denied acceptance of PAN card/ Aadhaar card(thereby violating the validity/sanctity of ID issued by the sovereign authority. If the courier boy wants to deliver to office, he would have delivered to office directly(which in turn will be directed to me), but he wants to deliver personally but denied govt issued ID cards. Even the customer care denied taking the complaint on the issue. The most useless/worst service by world-class utter worst courier agency i.e Blue Dart.

AWB no. is 34763686322

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  1. In most delivery cases, Pan card or Aadhar card is enough for the verification purpose.However, Blue dart may have terms and conditions for special document or parcel delivery.You can request bluedart team for re-delivery attempt.

    Bluedart state wise contact list – http://www.bluedart.com/servlet/RoutingServlet?handler=contact&action=statelist

    You could also submit complaint to National consumer forum – http://nationalconsumerhelpline.in/complaintfile.aspx

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