Bluedart Premises Was Closed



My bill no. 34962361361. Please call me on 9211830652.

status was updated that Premises was closed.

You can also drop my packet on 3rd floor having same address and building.



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  1. Sorry to say we couln’t find the tracking number.Check out possible reasons

    Numbers Not Found – 34962361361,

    No matching Waybill/Reference Number/Order Number. The reasons could be 1 or more of the following:
    Incorrect Waybill/Reference Number/Order Number entry
    Invalid Waybill/Reference Number entry.
    The Waybill number varies between 8 to 11 digits only. Please re-check the numbers you have entered.
    For multiple queries, please separate each waybill or reference number with a comma only. e.g. 23553642,12345678,45892634
    Incorrect Option Selection.
    You may have selected a Waybill option and entered a Reference Number, or vice versa. Please re-check your entry option.
    There is no information on the Waybill/Reference Number/Order Number you have entered.
    Please try again later.

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